Vancouver Police Launch Community Camera Program

Vancouver Police launched their Community Camera Registration Program Tuesday.

Residents and business owners throughout Vancouver who have surveillance cameras can now register their privately owned camera systems with the Vancouver Police Department. Officers may be able to use footage gathered from community cameras to help solve crimes.

The Community Camera Registration Program allows residents and business owners to register locations and capabilities of their security camera systems with the Vancouver Police Department. 

Through this volunteer registration program, officers conducting investigations can quickly identify cameras that may have captured criminal activity for the cases they are working. 

After registering a camera, the registrant would only be contacted if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of the registered camera. If that occurs, the Vancouver Police Department would contact the registrant at the email or phone number they included on their registration form to ask to view the camera footage. 

The Vancouver Police Department will not be able to access video footage directly.

Registration only takes a minute and it can be done online. Visit the Vancouver Police Department's  Community Camera Registration page at 

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