ODOT Inspecting Ski Buses

Photo: Kenneth Oke

With skiing season underway, the Oregon Department of Transportation is conducting destination safety inspections of buses in winter recreation areas this winter. The ODOT Motor Carrier Transportation Division held one of these inspection/chain requirement events at Mount Hood Meadows on Saturday, Jan. 12.

After passengers got off the buses to enjoy their day on the slopes, inspections of 14 buses found three with minor equipment violations. This did not prevent the buses from taking their passengers home on schedule.

Inspectors also found one driver in Saturday’s event operating in violation of a medical restriction, but it was easily corrected in time, keeping the bus on schedule.

Inspectors were delighted to see that all buses they saw Saturday were carrying tire chains and in compliance with Oregon tire chain laws.

“It’s an important safety requirement for all vehicles to carry tire chains when using mountain passes, and it’s the law,” said Kenneth Oke, Compliance Specialist at ODOT who coordinated the inspection/chain requirement event. “Carrying chains and being ready to install them is vital for buses, as well as all other drivers sharing the road.”

The Motor Carrier Transportation Division of ODOT conducts safety inspections in partnership with motor coach companies and travel destinations such as ski resorts. In addition to inspecting vehicle equipment and driver qualifications, this safety effort also included the enforcement of Oregon’s tire chain law for driving in winter conditions.

ODOT’s mission includes promoting a safe, efficient and responsible commercial transportation system for all travelers. Commercial buses – those carrying nine or more passengers, including the driver – are required to stop at ODOT inspection stations for checkups of vehicle safety equipment and eligibility of the driver.

Source: ODOT

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