Governor Brown Details Priorities

In her inaugural address Monday, Governor Kate Brown called on legislators to work together to address Oregon's pressing issues.

"Oregon families are counting on us," said Governor Brown. "While we tackle today's fiscal challenges, we must also address the challenges of our future. Today we stand at a turning point, with an opportunity to put Oregon on a better path forward."

Governor Brown's agenda for the 2019 legislative session focuses on key policies to help Oregon's children and families thrive: defending democracy, access to health coverage, protecting Oregon's beauty and bounty, ensuring every Oregonian has a safe, dry place to call home, and access to quality education and career opportunities. 

Republicans Critical

Gov. Kate Brown’s inaugural address Monday offered more recycled ideas than fresh new approaches to problems that have plagued Oregon under Democrat control.

Calling for more spending on education and housing, while ignoring the PERS crisis, the old mantra was repeated.

“Rather than inspiring us with some innovative options, we were watching a re-run of past performances,” House Republican Leader Rep. Carl Wilson (R-Grants Pass) said. “Oregonians need to know their Governor is willing to make hard spending choices – not just continuing to ask for millions from Oregon taxpayers. It was quite a dream sheet. Fortunately, Oregon can’t print money.”

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