Beaverton Schools To Open Thursday

Photo: KATU

Following four threats that are being investigated by the FBI and police the Beaverton School District plans to open on Thursday.

The following statement was released Wednesday afternoon:

Dear Beaverton School District Parents & Guardians,

The last twenty-four hours have been stressful for parents, students, staff and our community. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to ensure the safety of students and staff. Safety is our number one priority. 

We continue to work with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Beaverton Police Department and the FBI, to track down the origin of these threats and to actively investigate leads. Please see the press release from the Beaverton Police Department for additional details.

After consulting with our law enforcement partners, we will have a regular school day on Thursday, while taking extra precautions:

  • We are conducting security sweeps of all school buildings
  • Law enforcement partners will have an enhanced presence across the District.
  • Staff will maintain a high level of awareness.    

We remain in constant contact with law enforcement. If we receive any new information, we will update our plans.

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