Gentleman Jack Gift Pack Recalled

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission today is asking customers who purchased Gentleman Jack whiskey holiday gift packs containing complimentary stainless steel cups to stop using them and to discard the cups.  Brown-Forman, the distiller that produces Gentleman Jack whiskey, has determined a small number of the metal cups with a lip or rim may be sharp and be hazardous.

The gift packs contain a 750ml bottle of Gentleman Jack and one stainless steel cup.  OLCC stores began selling the product September, 2018.  Since then about 375 cases or more than 2200 gift packages have been sold in Oregon. 

Elsewhere Brown-Forman offered the gift pack in a 1.75ml size with two complimentary cups; the recall applies to both gift packs.

The contents of the Gentleman Jack bottle is not affected by the defective metal cups and consumers may still safely enjoy the whiskey, by drinking responsibly.  Brown- Forman has set up a special website for impacted consumers, where it is offering a branded replacement gift to anyone in possession of a Gentleman Jack holiday gift pack.  Consumers should take a photo of the cup before discarding it. 

The website is:  Consumers may also call the Brown-Forman Consumer Products hotline at:  800-753-4567, option 1, to get additional information.

The OLCC is working with its retailers to remove about 1350 remaining gift packages.  The OLCC will pull out and discard the stainless steel cups from the gift packages.  The unaffected 750ml bottles of Gentleman Jack will then be made available for sale.

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