Operation Elf 12/1-12/17

Encompass Life Foundation is on a mission this holiday season to help those struggling the most - Portland's Homeless. 

Operation ELF is our mission to shine a light on homelessness – it’s not just educating the public on the stereotypical “living under a bridge” scenario; homelessness affects our friends, colleagues, and neighbors. We want to raise awareness as we are all a day away, an accident away, an illness away, from losing everything. We’ll take a look at the “face” of homelessness and surprise four local homeless families. This cause is made with heaping piles of love – and with your financial backing and our (wo)manpower, we can truly make a difference in the lives of four families. Interested in donating to Operation ELF? Check out our website for details. 

(The Foundation has no paid positions, so 100% of all donations go towards our current project.)