Halloween Candy Laced With Meth Found In Aloha

Two parents in Aloha who ate some of their kid’s Halloween candy got sick and called 911. 

Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the residence in the 21600 block Southwest Jay Street.

During the investigation, deputies learned that a family of parents and two children had been trick-or-treating the evening prior in neighborhoods to the immediate northwest and south of their address. Their residence is located in northern Aloha to the east of Southwest Cornelius Pass Road.

The parents called deputies this afternoon after they consumed Sour Patch Kids candy collected the evening prior and began to feel sick. The parents told deputies the candy wrapper had appeared to been fully sealed prior to them opening it and consuming the candy.

Deputies conducted field tests on the gummy candy, which tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine. The candy was seized and placed into evidence.

The parents were taken to a local hospital for evaluation. The children did not consume any candy from the wrapper in question.

The sheriff’s office has received no other reports regarding Halloween candy being altered or tampered with and are not aware of such reports being made to any neighboring law enforcement agencies.

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