Clark County Warns Of False Septic Company Offer


Clark County Public Health learned Thursday that a company selling septic additives is calling residents, claiming there is an alert about failing septic systems and offering products to clean systems. Public Health has not issued an alert regarding failing septic systems and encourages residents to research products before using them in septic systems.

Additives are commercial products sold under the claim that their use will improve the performance or aesthetics of an on-site sewage treatment system. However, most additives do not have a positive effect on the operation of on-site systems and may, in fact, contaminate groundwater aquifers.

The Washington State Department of Health has compiled a list of approved on-site septic system additives that do not have adverse effects on water quality or public health. The approval process is limited to identifying harmful ingredients and does not investigate the validity of performance claims by manufacturers.

To review the state health department’s list of approved on-site septic system additives, visit

Routine operation and maintenance inspections with certified specialists are the best method for preventing costly septic system failures. The performance and lifespan of a septic system is directly related to how the system is operated and maintained.

For more information, including a list of certified operation and maintenance specialists, visit the Public Health website,

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