Firefighter Impersonator Warning

Clark County Fire District 6 is warning about an individual posing as a firefighter conducting “fire inspections.”

Thursday night around Midnight a man reportedly entered a Hazel Dell area senior citizen assisted living center wearing a shirt witnesses say appeared similar to a T-shirt belonging to Clark County Fire District 6.

Witnesses claim the man said he was a firefighter and wanted access to perform a fire inspection, however employees felt the man was an impostor due to the fact that he arrived in the middle of the night.

Deputies from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office were called, but the impostor left by the time the authorities arrived.

Clark County Fire District 6 says it would never send an individual to do fire inspections. Those are done by the Fire Marshal’s office. 

All Fire District employees carry identification confirming their employment with the Fire District.

Anyone with suspicions about an individual posing as a firefighter should call 9-1-1.

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