Government Officials Not Happy With New 77-Pack Of Beer


Not everybody was thrilled when Natural Light recently announced they are releasing a behemoth 77-pack of beer to celebrate their founding in 1977. The case, which is only available in College Park, Maryland for a limited time, has upset state officials, who believe it promotes binge drinking. 

Comptroller Peter Franchot, who is in charge of the taxation and regulation of alcohol in Maryland, told WUSA-TV that the beer company is "obviously promoting binge drinking by young people."

“The big brewers like Budweiser who are selling 77 cans of beer for .39 cents each to college kids, they don’t like craft brewers, unless they own them,” Franchot said.

While Franchot is not a fan of the massive case of beer, many people seemed to love the idea. The 77-pack of beer was so popular that people were lining up by the delivery trucks and stores were completely sold out before homecoming weekend at the University of Maryland.


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