Oregon Keno Player Wins $247,914

Sitting at home checking his numbers on his iPad, it didn’t sink in when Larry Bowser of Eugene realized he had won the Keno 8-Spot bonus.

Bowser, purchased his tickets while at the Fred Meyer on 11th Avenue in Eugene, and at the time didn’t think much of playing a $3 wager with Special Keno and Bulls-Eye. As luck would have it, Bowser not only matched all 8-numbers, but also hit the Bulls-Eye number, and with his $3 wager, multiplied his prize by 3.

In the end, his $3 wager led to a $247,914 prize, the third-highest Keno 8-spot winner since 2000. His win also makes him one of the biggest Bulls-Eye winners since the introduction of the Bulls-Eye Keno feature. The Bulls-Eye option is $1 extra and after the 20 winning numbers are revealed, the Bulls-Eye arrow randomly lands on one of those numbers. Then the Bulls-Eye prize is added to whatever you already won. Bowser hit the Bulls-Eye number which was worth $40,000, but since he had three tickets, it meant he’d won $120,000.

“I dropped the kids off this morning and was headed to Salem on Highway 126 and as I turned on the road, a rainbow came out,” he said. “That was amazing. That’s when I realized I won.”

Bowser said he was going to use his prize for his kids and they are planning a vacation.

During the 2015-17 biennium in Lane County, where Bowser lives and played Keno, more than $50.8 million in Oregon Lottery proceeds were directed to economic development, parks, education, and watershed enhancement.

Lottery officials recommend that you always sign the back of your tickets with each Oregon Lottery game you play, to ensure you can claim any prize you may win. In the event of winning a jackpot, players should consult with a trusted financial planner or similar professional to develop a plan for their winnings. Prize winners of more than $50,000 should contact the Lottery office to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned more than $11 billion for economic development, public education, state parks, and watershed enhancements. For more information on the Oregon Lottery visit www.oregonlottery.org

Source: Oregon Lottery

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