Dogs Rescued From Meat Farm Arrive In Oregon

14 dogs that were rescued from a South Korean meat farm arrived in Oregon Saturday, October 5th.

In partnership with Humane Society International, the Oregon Humane Society received nine of the rescued dogs. Five dogs were transferred to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. 

The animals are from a group of more than 200 who were rescued as part of HSI’s efforts to phase out the dog meat industry in South Korea by. HSI works in partnership with farmers who want to get out of the increasingly controversial business and transition to a more profitable and humane livelihood.

“This effort is a great international collaboration to save these dogs and we are honored to be a part of it,” says Sharon Harmon, OHS President and CEO.

The dogs have all had extensive medical evaluations, vaccines and spent 30 days in quarantine in South Korea before coming to the U.S.

The dogs will not be available for adoption immediately while they receive additional medical assessments and behavior evaluations.

The dogs came to the Oregon Humane Society through the Second Chance program, which gives pets from partner shelters/rescues a second chance at a loving home. Since January 2018, OHS has received close to 6,000 pets from shelters throughout Oregon and other regions of the country through the program.

Visit the Oregon Humane Society's website at for more information and to see photos of the rescued dogs.


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