Stuck Up To His Neck In Mud

Portland Fire and Rescue firefighters responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man who was stuck in the muddy swales near the Colwood Golf Center off of Northeast Alderwood Road north of Northesat Columbia Boulevard.

Firefighters had to find a way to reach the man without getting stuck themselves. They put down ladders flat on top of the mud and use them as a scaffolding to walk across the mud safely and get access to the patient. The four ladders stretched across the mud about 70 feet from the access point to the patient. 

The patient was mostly submerged in the mud and struggling to stay on top of the mud, limbs flailing and moaning. 

A Firefighter walked out on the mud on top of the ladders, pried the patient out of the mud and placed him in a basket. The other crew members of Engine and Truck 2 assisted w/ hoisting the basket out of the mud and to safety.  

The patient was in a serious medical condition and transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

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