Hillsboro MAX Project Begins

TriMet’s Hillsboro MAX Improvements are underway in Downtown Hillsboro, with crews completing much of the work before a 15-day disruption to MAX Blue Line service in October. 

During the next seven weeks, crews will revitalize the MAX system through Downtown Hillsboro, replacing rail, upgrading track materials, installing new switch machines and sprucing up stations. 

The work will improve the reliability and resiliency of the MAX system. It also will improve the experience for our riders while benefiting pedestrians, cyclists and autos at rail crossings. 

To complete the improvements, crews need to close some streets and lanes starting Monday and the MAX Blue Line will be disrupted from Saturday, Oct. 13 through Saturday, Oct. 27, for the bulk of the work. 

While this is one of the most complex projects we’ve done to rejuvenate the MAX system, it will have much less of an impact on riders than past projects.

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