Trails Closed During Search For Cougar

Photo: ODFW - Hunchback Mountain Trail

Due to the need to provide public safety and for the safety of state, local and federal agency personnel during cougar capture operations taking place in the Hunchback Mountain area, Forest Supervisor Richard Periman closed all National Forest System lands to all public use in the area generally described as Hunchback Mountain today. 

The area closure described in the Forest Order and depicted on the accompanying map closes several trails.  Salmon River Road (FSR 2618) is closed at the forest boundary. Camp Creek Road (FSR 2632) and Still Creek Road (FSR 2612) remain open. Green Canyon Campground is closed.  The following trails are included in the closure:

  • Hunchback Trail #793 
  • Green Canyon Trail #793A
  • Bonanza Trail #786 
  • Salmon River Trail #742 
  • Salmon Butte Trail #791 
  • Cool Creek Trail #794 
  • Veda Lake Trail #673
  • Dry Fir Trail #674A 
  • Jackpot Meadows Trail #492 
  • Linney Creek Trail #499 
  • Eureka Peak Trail #671 
  • Kinzel Lake Trail  #665 
  • Old Salmon River Trail #742A
  • Boulder Ridge Trail #783A south to the Bonanza Trail #786

The majority of the area closure affects the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, with approx. 21,034 acres closed. The remaining approx. 8,214 acres within the area closure are non-Wilderness.  

The area closure will remain in effect for 30 days and could be rescinded early or extended depending on circumstances on the ground.  The public should refer to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website for information concerning the cougar capture operations taking place in response to the recent fatality involving a suspected cougar attack within the Hunchback Mountain area on the Mt. Hood National Forest.

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