TV Chef Cooking Up Dinner For Portland's Homeless

An outdoors chef and TV host for the Sportsman Channel’s “The Sporting Chef” will be cooking up a free bison sausage dinner for the homeless and less fortunate Thursday at Union Gospel Mission.

The game dinner is part of the nationwide tour called “Hunt.Fish.Feed.,” which has served tens of thousands of free fish and game meals to low-income and homeless people. The campaign was created in 2007 by The Sportsman’s Channel to fight hunger and introduce the health and taste benefits of consuming fish and game that can’t be purchased in supermarkets.

Scott Leysath, Executive Chef for "Hunt.Fish.Feed" and star of "The Sporting Chef" is overseeing kitchen operations. Comcast, who is co-sponsoring the event, is providing volunteers.

Lori Quinney, Food Service Coordinator at the Union Gospel Mission, says Leysath will be cooking up bison sausage sandwiches served with homemade potato salad, fruit salad, and icecream novelties for dessert.

The dinner, which is free and open to anyone in need, begins at 8 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 13, at Union Gospel Mission, 3 NW Third Ave. Participants of the mission’s Life Change recovery program will also enjoy the chef’s work at a 6:15 p.m. dinner. Meal preparation begins at 3 p.m.

Founded in 1927, Union Gospel Mission Portland provides more than 200,000 meals a year to the homeless and people in need, as well as food boxes, clothing, hygiene items and emergency cold weather shelter. It’s residential LifeChange programs for men and women provide a recovery community designed to transform lives and break people free from addiction and destructive life patterns. For more information, visit

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