Air Quality Advisory Continues

Wildfire smoke from British Columbia and Central Washington is being pushed into Oregon.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued Air Quality Advisories for all counties in Oregon except for Coos and Curry Counties.

Children, elderly and people with breathing problems should remain indoors and everyone else should limit exposure to outdoor air. 

County health officials encourage residents to take the following precautions: 

  • Reduce time spent outdoors when smoke is present. 
  • Use an indoor high-efficiency air filter (HEPA) or electrostatic precipitator in your home to help create one or more rooms with cleaner air to breathe. 
  • Set your air conditioning or heating unit to recycle or recirculate when at home or in your car. 
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. 
  • Reduce other sources of indoor smoke and dust, including: burning cigarettes, candles, gas or propane ranges, wood burning stoves and furnaces, and vacuuming. 
  • Reduce the time you engage in vigorous outdoor activity. 
  • If you have heart or lung disease or respiratory illnesses such as asthma, follow your health care provider’s advice about prevention and treatment of symptoms. 
  • Consider maximizing time in air-conditioned homes or buildings during smoky periods or visit public, air-conditioned places such as libraries, community centers, senior centers, restaurants, and retailers for relief from smoke. 

The smoke is expected to remain a problem through Wednesday when the winds will shift.


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