Sunset Highway RealTime Signs Going Live

Photo: RealTime sign on I-5

Seven new ODOT RealTime signs are set for activation Monday, Aug. 13, most of them along U.S. 26.

The new signs, which will be in place in both directions of the Sunset Highway between I-405 and OR 217 with one sign on TV Highway, will join other similar signs on Interstate 5, Interstate 405 and Oregon 217 and will soon expand to other parts of the region.

The new sign locations are:

  • U.S. 26 eastbound near Southwest 88thAvenue, an electronic information sign with traveler information about upcoming road conditions. 
  • U.S. 26 eastbound near Southwest 79thAvenue, advisory speed signs.
  • U.S. 26 eastbound at the Southwest Scholls Ferry Road overpass, advisory speed signs 
  • U.S. 26 westbound near Highland Parkway, advisory speed signs.
  • U.S. 26 eastbound and westbound near the Oregon Zoo, advisory speed signs, plus a westbound electronic information sign
  • U.S. 26 westbound on the facing above the entrance to the Vista Ridge Tunnel, an electronic information sign
  • Tualatin Valley Highway eastbound just west of OR 217, an electronic information sign showing travel times along OR 217.

ODOT RealTime signs have become familiar through the Portland area with real time information to help travelers better plan their trip. The signs use information from sensors in the road to convey various types of information.

Advisory speed signs display a safe travel speed for motorists as warranted by changing conditions ahead.

The larger traveler information signs, sometimes crossing the entire highway, display travel times except when a special information message is required. These include alerts about crashes, delays or weather conditions.

Since first activated on OR 217 in 2014, RealTime signs helped reduce the number of crashes by 25 percent in the first year during a time of increasing traffic and congestion throughout the metro area.

Additional RealTime signs are planned for activation along I-84 in the next few months. 

Source: ODOT


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