Fire Forces Washington Square Mall Evacuation

Firefighters were called to Washington Square Mall Saturday afternoon when a column of black smoke was seen rising from the roof.

The fire was caused by grease in a vent from a restaurant in the Food Court.

The mall was evacuated.

A Second Alarm was called to get enough personnel to handle the fire.

Firefighters gained access to the roof and extinguished the fire in a grease vent. They then checked for extension inside the food court area, where only minor residual smoke was found. After mall maintenance staff assisted with ventilating the smoke, mall goers were allowed to return to the mall’s first floor only. The food court remained temporarily closed.

Approximately two weeks ago, firefighters from TVF&R Progress Station 53, mall management, and mall security proactively performed a training drill, where the scenario was a fire in the food court area. This is one of many types of training drills performed at Washington Square Mall, to ensure all parties familiarize themselves with the large building and enhance collaboration and coordination skills. 

No one was hurt in the fire.



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