Portland Police Clear Occupy ICE Camp

Photo: KATU

Portland Police cleared out the remaining protesters camping outside of the ICE building in SW Portland Wednesday morning.

There were no arrests or citations issued as officers cleared the camp. 

There were also no reports of injury as a result of the camp clearing. An officer reported using baton pushes as officers instructed demonstrators to move from the area. No pepper spray or less lethal munitions were used.

Most of the occupants of the Occupy ICE camp had already left by Wednesday morning.  

Portland Police Chief, Danielle Outlaw, says the camp was no longer sustainable, and that contract clean-up workers were ready to begin cleaning the area.  Announcements were posted on Monday, July 23, 2018, informing people at the Occupy ICE camp that the camp must be vacated.  Today, officers informed people in the camp in person and over a loud speaker that they needed to leave the area or they could be cited or arrested.

PPB determined conditions at the Occupy ICE camp posed livability and safety concerns for the community and people staying in the camp last week. Outlaw says she expressed this concern with the Mayor and he was in full support of moving forward to clear the camp. She says she's pleased that through collaboration and clear communication with the community, as well as the intentional and methodical processes employed by the Police Bureau, there were no arrests, citations, or injuries as a result of clearing the camp.

Presently, the three companies contracted by the various property owners in the area of the Occupy ICE camp are removing debris. Any items of obvious utility and value that are left behind will be stored and available for pick-up until September 1, 2018. Anyone seeking to reclaim their property should contact Pacific Patrol Services at 503-595-3440. 

The Police Bureau recognizes that members of the community traveling in Portland's South Waterfront need to access medical care, their workplaces, and homes.

Approximately 45 Portland Police Bureau members assisted with the clearing of the Occupy ICE camp today.

The trackway for the Willamette Shore Trolley, where protesters set up camp, is jointly owned by TriMet, the City of Portland, Metro, ODOT and the City of Lake Oswego.  

TriMet and the City are bringing in contract crews to clear the area.  Once the trackway is cleared, TriMet crews will inspect the trackway and make any repairs necessary so the Willamette Shore Trolley can resume service to the SW Bancroft station. 

The hope is the trolley will be able to serve the station on Friday, its next service day.


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