K9 And Drone Catch A Thief

Photo: KATU (file)

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office used their K9 and a drone to catch a thief.

Deputy Brady Spaulding and his K9 Icarus responded on Friday along with Deputy Derek Baker who was equipped with a drone.  

As Woodland Police and the deputies arrived on scene the suspect fled out of one of the fire exits from the store in to a heavily wooded area.   

K9 Icarus flushed the suspect out of hiding and Deputy Baker, who had one of the Sheriff's Office drones hovering over the area saw the suspect running from the area.   

Deputy Baker was able to follow the suspect with the drone as he ran northbound.  

Deputy Spaulding and K9 Icarus also pursued the suspect and as a result the suspect was apprehended as he attempted to hide in a barn.  


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