Helicopter Lands On Mount Hood Summit

Photo: KATU

A pilot performed an amazing rescue on Mount Hood Friday afternoon.

A climber had suffered a medical problem and was on the summit of the mountain overnight. A team of rescuers climbed the mountain early Friday morning and reamined with the climber.

The rescuers called in a twin blade Chinook helicopter to airlift the climber from the mountain.

The pilot of the Chinook flew to the summit and attempted the first landing, but it appeared the area was not level enough and the pilot took off.

Then the pilot moved closer to the location of the climber and rescuers and landed only the tail of the aircraft on the steep slope of ice. The front of the aircraft continued to hover. The ramp at the back of the helicopter was lowered and the rescuers escorted the climber into the helicopter. The rescue team followed and the helicopter lifted off. 

The climber was transferred to an ambulance that took him to a hospital.



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