Children Forced To Wear Urine Soaked Clothes

Hillsboro Police have arrested 49-year-old Merlinda Avalos for mistreatment of children in her care. 

Avalos is charged with 12 counts of Criminal Mistreatment in the first degree and one count of tampering with evidence.

Police say the victims were relatives of Avalos. The children were in her care since 2012.

Avalos allegedly forced the children to stay in one room and they were not allowed to use the bathroom during the night – the victims needed to use a urine jug.

The children were allowed to eat only twice a day – a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and one for dinner.

The victims could only shower one day a week and forced to wear urine soaked clothing to school. 

If the victims made any noise or got off their beds, they would be beaten with any instrument/object that was available to Avalos. 

They were not allowed to watch TV, read books or go out and play.

This case is still under investigation. It has been reported that Avalos is also an elderly adult caregiver. 

If there are any other victims or witnesses to this case or other incidents involving Merlinda Avalos, please contact the Hillsboro Police Department: 503-681-6175.


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