4 Arrests In Portland Protests

There were two demonstrations in Portland Sunday afternoon. The group Patriot Prayer held a rally and Rose City Antifa held a counter demonstration.

The protest events were held in Terry Schrunk Plaza, Chapman and Lownsdale Squares, and the surrounding blocks over the course of several hours. The four arrests were made at a variety of locations due to criminal behavior. 

During the demonstrations, Federal Protective Service and a Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Deputy deployed pepper spray during two separate incidents when multiple people were involved in assaultive behavior. There were no other significant police actions taken today. Throughout the event members of the competing protest groups were observed deploying pepper spray and throwing projectiles, including fireworks, bottles, rocks, and ball bearings.

Portland Fire and Rescue provided on scene medical evaluations to several people, but no one requested or required further medical attention and no one was transported to area hospitals by ambulance. 

There were no reports of officers or deputies suffering injuries during Sunday's events. 

Photo below is of fireworks seized by police.


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