Brush Fire Spreads Near Laurel

Wednesday morning, a controlled burn turned into a brush fire in western Washington County.

The fire was burning up a ravine and threatening a nearby home on Holly Hill Road in unincorporated Washington County. 

The property owner performing the burn had two 250-gallon water tanks with a pumper on site,  but had exhausted his water supply after several hours of trying to gain control of the fire on his own. 

Upon arrival of the first incoming crews from our TVF&R Midway Station, firefighters found approximately 12-15 acres actively on fire, with flames heading towards the property owner’s house. 

Firefighters made it an immediate priority to protect the home, while additional units from TVF&R, Hillsboro Fire, Cornelius Fire and Gaston Fire arrived to assist. 

Firefighters moved quickly around the perimeter of the fire to begin containment and knockdown of flames. 

Due to high winds and thick, dry vegetation, the fire has been challenging to fully extinguish and continues to smolder with hot spots. Crews were also having to shuttle water in from the Clean Water Services facility on Hillsboro Highway due to lack of hydrants and water sources in the area. 

With conditions not being favorable for complete extinguishment, crews will be on site for several hours.


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