Tribute Marks Anniversary Of MAX Stabbing

A ceremony was held at the Hollywood MAX station on Saturday to mark one year since the stabbing on a MAX train that killed two men and injured a third.

Jeremy Christian is accused of verbally assaulting two women on a MAX train. One of the women was wearing a hijab.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Ricky John Best and Micah Fletcher stepped in to protect the women.

Christian is accused of stabbing the three men. Namkai-Meche and Best were killed in the attack. Fletcher was seriously wounded, but survived.

Speakers at the ceremony included:

Maura White, Hollywood Boosters

Wajdi Said, Muslim Educational Trust

Rabbi Debra Kolodny, Portland’s UnShul

Father Rick Paperini, Christ the King Catholic Church

Valerie Otani, Hollywood Transit Center Tribute Advisory Committee chair

Sarah Farahat, artist

Farahat created the tribute wall that's still in the process of being completed at the MAX station.

Video below is from KATU's coverage of the ceremony and TriMet video of the tribute wall being created.



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