PDX Adds Capability For Sight Impaired Technology


Portland International Airport has introduced Aira a technology service aimed at helping blind and low-vision travelers more easily navigate the airport.

A visually impaired traveler in need of assistance at PDX would have special camera-equipped glasses—or could simply use their smart phone—to call an operator. The operator can “see” what the visually impaired person cannot by using the camera in the glasses or the cell phone’s camera. The operator is then able to assist with wayfinding or other tasks as requested by the traveler.

The person must have the Aira app on their phone to connect to a trained Aira agent. The Aira app can be downloaded from the Apple or Android apps stores for free. 

Users with the Aira app installed on a smartphone will receive an automatic notification when arriving at PDX advising that the airport offers the service for free.

PDX is the 6th airport to offer the service. Other airports offering the service include: Houston (both airports), Seattle, Minneapolis and Memphis.


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