DEQ Offers New Vehicle Testing

It's National Car Care Month, and the perfect time to remind you that engine care equals clean air! It's also the perfect time to let you know that you can now get your emissions test at more than just a DEQ Clean Air Station. It's all thanks to DEQ Too, a new test method that allows you to complete your vehicle emissions test from wherever your car is located. DEQ Too allows you to take care of your vehicle emissions inspection while you handle other routine automotive tasks—like getting your oil changed, car washed or getting fuel —‘too'. DEQ Too is available now throughout the Portland Metro and Medford/Ashland testing areas for any 2005 or newer model year vehicle. 

It's all possible through a small device that gets momentarily plugged in under your dash. It takes less than a minute for it to determine if your emissions control system is functioning properly. Your test result is provided by DEQ's staff and systems instantly online, and you can conveniently obtain an electronic DEQ clean air certificate and DMV registration tags online too! The tags will arrive in your mailbox within as few as three business days.

The test can be performed at many convenient locations. DEQ has partnered with over 60 participating businesses and they are easy to find online using our map at DEQ has also partnered with continuously connected device companies that provide services such as trip information, insurance discounts, roadside assistance and now feature DEQ “too”. The website also lists the fee amount, if any, that each business charges for the use of their device. The price of the required clean air certificate of compliance is the same whether testing via DEQ Too or at a DEQ Clean Air Station. 

DEQ understands it can be a challenge for our operations to match up with everyone's specific needs. That is why we want to provide more options. You can choose between testing in-person at a Clean Air Station – or via DEQ Too. At a station, you can also take advantage of our self-service kiosks where you can conduct your own test using a touch screen computer and plug-in cable. 

Properly maintaining your vehicle and getting your DEQ test are among the many ways to contribute to cleaner air in your community. Vehicles are a top source of air pollution. DEQ Too further reduces air pollution, traffic congestion and wait times/lines by saving you an extra trip to a DEQ station. 

Visit ( to find participating businesses, enroll your business, see a video demonstration or learn more. 


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