Biketown Adds New Seasons Sponsorship


New Seasons Market is launching a new sponsorship of Biketown encouraging Portlanders to get around by bike while grocery shopping.

 “This Earth Day, we’re encouraging Portlanders to hop on a bike the next time they head out to the grocery store,” said Dorothy Mitchell, General Manager of Biketown. “As a B-corp and Portland-based enterprise, New Seasons is making a meaningful investment in their hometown bikeshare system, allowing our eco-friendly transportation option to innovate, strengthen, and grow for many more Earth Days to come.”  

"As the ultimate neighborhood grocery store, New Seasons Market is dedicated not just to good food, but to vibrant communities and a healthy planet. It's important that we all work together, doing things both big and small, to be good stewards of our environment. We are excited that our partnership with Biketown will help support Portland's shared mission to maintain a sustainable, lively and healthy town, and we encourage our neighbors to use the hometown bike system to come into our stores—we're excited to serve you!"  said Athena Petty, Sustainability Manager, New Seasons Market.

BIKETOWN, the City of Portland’s public bike sharing system, released data on its 520,000 user trips since its opening in July 2016.

Since the launch of BIKETOWN on July 19, 2016 through March 31, 2018, users have taken 519,494 trips totaling 1,058,081 miles. PBOT will update the System Data page quarterly and the bureau plans to release additional data showing trip patterns in the coming months. The BIKETOWN System Data page ( includes a BIKETOWN Dashboard. The dashboard allows the public to explore the data and use it on their own. This includes interactive features that allow the public to graphically display BIKETOWN’s trip data by specific search criteria, such as month, station location, frequency of trips per station, trip length, trip distance, and member type. The data is available as a downloadable file for transportation planners, developers, graphic designers and other interested parties to utilize in their own work and to understand how BIKETOWN is helping Portlanders get around the city.

Since BIKETOWN's launch, 111,000 people have used the bike share system. There are 3,469 current annual members. The average trip length for all users is 2.04 miles and the average trip time is 25 minutes.

BIKETOWN weekday usage is highest on weekdays during evening peak commute hours between 4:00 to 6:00pm. Ridership is strong throughout the weekend. The busiest month was July 2017, when users took 54,470 trips.

PBOT uses BIKETOWN ride data to help identify areas of demand and to think broadly about system improvements and efficiencies. The data is aggregated to protect user privacy.

Among local users, 25% of BIKETOWN trips replace automobile trips. An amenity for Portlanders and visitors alike, local residents using the system make up the majority of BIKETOWN trips. Learn more about BIKETOWN at


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