Vancouver Police Warning For Online Sellers/Buyers

The Vancouver Police Department has taken three robbery reports since March 10th from victims who were buying or selling items online and were robbed by the person they agreed to meet with. Two of the robberies involved a gun.

The Vancouver Police Department has Safe Exchange Zones at each of our facility parking lots which offer a safer alternative to meeting a stranger in a remote or unfamiliar location. While department staff will not facilitate any transactions, the police facilities are located in populated and well-lit areas. If a buyer or seller is not willing to meet at a police facility this may be a red flag as to the intentions of the individual.

The Safe Exchange Zone is meant for person-to-person transactions. Property may not be dropped off and left unattended; sellers are required to take their property with them if the buyer does not show up.

The following Vancouver Police location parking lots are designated and signed as Safe Exchange Zones:

  • Vancouver Police Administration (605 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA)
  • Vancouver Police West Precinct (2800 NE Stapleton Rd., Vancouver, WA)
  • Vancouver Police East Precinct (512 SE 155th Ave., Vancouver, WA)

Here are some additional crime prevention tips to remember when agreeing to meet someone to buy or sell items:

  • Meet during regular business hours whenever possible to increase the opportunity of
  • other people being in the vicinity.
  • Avoid meeting in a remote location.
  • Avoid meeting at the person's home or inviting them to your home.
  • Bring along a friend.

For more information on the Vancouver Police Department Safe Exchange Zones visit us online: .


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