Indictment In Brutal St. Helens Attack

Following up on an intense domestic violence call in which the suspect and victim at one point refused to come to the door, deputies testified before a grand jury Thursday, which indicted Jeremy Boyd, 44, St. Helens on 41 counts of domestic violence-related offenses, including Attempted Murder, Rape, Assault and Strangulation. 

The investigation began on March 9 when a training sergeant and his trainee were called to the 58000 block of Firlock drive near St. Helens for a welfare check on the 38-year-old female -- the suspect's spouse -- after she failed to report for work. The caller had reported a history of domestic violence at the residence and was concerned for the woman's safety. 

When they arrived at the house, they met the victim on the front porch. The deputies saw she had a black eye, multiple small cuts on her hand and noticed she was complaining of pain at different points on her body. While they were interviewing the victim, they learned that the suspect was calling the victim on her cell phone. After the phone calls from the suspect the victim would not give the deputies any additional information, except that they learned from the victim that the suspect had gone to work at his place of employment in St. Helens. The sergeant and his trainee proceeded to that place of employment, but were unable to locate the suspect there. Upon returning to the residence, however, they were unable to immediately reconnect with the victim. 

Deputies persisted in trying to make contact, and the victim eventually advised investigators through the door that she no longer required their assistance. But she declined to leave the residence. Deputies were able to determine that Boyd had returned to the residence and was inside the house. 

Once Deputies positively identified that the suspect was inside the residence with the victim, they called for additional cover units. Troopers from the Oregon State Police as well as officers from the St. Helens and Scappoose Police Departments proceeded to the scene to render assistance. Unable to convince the victim and suspect to leave the house, they decided to make forcible entry into the house to secure the situation. Once entry into the residence had been made, they were able to detain Boyd without further incident. 

Deputies called for an advocate from SAFE (Support, Advocacy, Freedom & Empowerment) of Columbia County. Advocate who arrived on scene to provide support for the victim. Deputies arrested Boyd, lodging him into the Columbia County Jail on the charges of Assault Fourth Degree, Harassment and Coercion, but it was clear from their encounter with the victim that there was more to this story, though she was hesitant to talk. 

Over the next few days, Investigators conducted additional interviews and were able to collect more evidence. What came out of that investigation was a disturbing story of ongoing abuse that deputies could trace back to a least a month's worth of incidents where the suspect assaulted the victim through various means (refer to attached indictment). Investigators submitted their case to the Columbia County Grand Jury on March 15, 2018. The Columbia County Grand Jury heard testimony from the Deputies involved as well as the victim and indicted Boyd on the following charges: 

  • Attempted Murder 
  • Rape I 
  • Kidnapping I 
  • Sex Abuse I 
  • Sex Abuse II Unlawful Sexual Penetration I 
  • Sodomy I 
  • Assault II 
  • Attempted Assault II 
  • 4 counts of Coercion 
  • Strangulation 
  • Menacing 
  • 20 counts of Domestic Assault IV 
  • 7 counts of Harassment

Bail is set at $924,250. 

"This is a terrible case of domestic violence," said Sheriff Jeff Dickerson. "Our investigators worked the case doggedly to tie up the loose ends in this case and to present a credible case to the grand jury. I also want to thank the advocate from SAFE who came to the scene, and helped the victim through the painful issues associated with this kind of abuse. " 

While Boyd remains in jail, the victim is safe, and the investigation is ongoing.

Source: Columbia County Sheriff


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