Fred Meyer Offers New Delivery Service

Fred Meyer today announced a new partnership with Instacart to offer delivery to customers.

“Fred Meyer is investing in redefining our customers’ grocery shopping experience by bringing online and offline seamlessly together,” said Joe Grieshaber. “Having grown our digital sales in 2017 by 90 percent, we continue to accelerate our digital roadmap in 2018 to make shopping with Fred Meyer simpler and more personalized.”

Fred Meyer now offers delivery from Portland, Seattle and Boise locations, and it offers 79 curbside pickup locations with plans to add 33 new locations in 2018.

“When you look at our total company customer coverage area for seamless shopping, two-thirds of our customers – more than 40 million households – have access to curbside pickup and/or delivery,” added Mr. Grieshaber. “Our goal is for these convenient services to be available to every customer.”

Fred Meyer will continue to expand its seamless coverage area and enhance its digital shopping experience to provide customers with quicker and easier access to personalized products, recipes, digital coupons, weekly ads, smart shopping lists, and more. Fred Meyer customers can experience the seamless experience by shopping on the company’s website or app.

“Fred Meyer’s new Instacart partnership provides us with the opportunity to offer our customers delivery and when you combine this service with our successful curbside program, it will help us accelerate our ecommerce reach significantly,” continued Mr. Grieshaber.

Customers can shop with Fred Meyer in a store or online for groceries, meal solutions, health and beauty products, seasonal items, flowers and more. 

Source: Fred Meyer


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