Hale’s Restaurant Damaged By Fire

The Hale’s Restaurant on McLoughlin Boulevard in Milwaukie was damage by fire early Tuesday morning.

A fire alarm called firefighters to the restaurant. 

When they arrived they found fire was coming from the roof at the rear of the building and fire could be seen inside. 

Crews forced open the back door started fighting the fire.

Other firefighters made their way to the roof to ventilate the structure and control the attic fire. Other crews searched the structure while other companies were pulling ceiling so the fire in the attic could be brought under control. 

The fire was brought under control in around 30 minutes. 

No injuries were reported and firefighters were able to contain the fire to the kitchen area while the dining area only received smoke damage. 

Clackamas Fire investigators are working to determine a cause and have narrowed it down to a storage room in the kitchen.

Hale’s restaurant opened in Hillsboro in 1971 and the Milwaukie restaurant opened in 1993.


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