17 Pets Seized From Home

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon Humane Society seized 17 pets from a Columbia County home, because of suspected neglect. 

The pets include seven dogs, six cats and four kittens. All the animals will receive a medical exam and care at the OHS Holman Medical Center. 

Columbia County Sherriff’s Office executed the search warrant while the OHS Humane Investigations team collected evidence at the scene and removed the animals from the property.

“The evidence strongly indicated that these dogs and cats could be suffering from neglect,” said Linda Fielder, OHS Director of Shelter Medicine and Humane Investigations. “We appreciate Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reaching out to us to partner on this case.”

OHS Humane Investigators work with law enforcement agencies around the state to provide forensics expertise, medical care and shelter for animals suffering from abuse. In 2017, OHS was the lead on 990 cases and provided support to law enforcement agencies 224 times.

The pets are not available for adoption at this time, because they’re evidence in the case.


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