Falling Temps Make Commute Icy

Photo: ODOT

A storm Wednesday night dropped between 2 and 4 inches of snow on most areas around Portland and Vancouver. It was a wet slushy snow...at least for the start of the Thursday morning commute.

Then, skies clear and temperatures dropped a degree or two and the slush started to freeze.

Most major roads had been cleared and de-icer kept the roads from re-freezing, but not all roads.

Bridges and overpasses were still susceptible to freezing.

The ramp from I-205 northbound to I-84 westbound turned into a sheet of ice. Vehicles were sliding down the sloped ramp into the barrier.

ODOT sent trucks to plow the ice and spread de-icer which allowed the ramp to re-open.

Temperatures will warm above freezing Thursday, but they’re expected to drop into the mid 20’s Thursday night.

Another storm is expected to arrive Friday night. The snow level will be around 500 feet, so the Valley floor should see rain while snow accumulation is possible in the hills.

National Weather Service


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