Renowned producer Quincy Jones sat down for an interview with New York Magazine's Vulture website to talk about his his life and his famous friends.

Among the nuggets:  Michael Jackson stole a ton of ideas from other musicians.   "The notes don’t lie, man. He was as Machiavellian as they come".  

Regarding the Beatles, Jones says that he met Paul McCartney when he was 21--and he was a terrible bassist!  He also claims that drummers were secretly brought-in to Beatles sessions to play in the place of Ringo Star. 

And regarding U2, Jones says that he loves the band--but he believes that they're no longer making great music.  

Jones always dishes on The Clintons, Oprah and even Ivanka Trump.  

Says Jones,  “All I’ve ever done is tell the truth, I’ve got nothing to be scared of, man.”