Pets Need Home For the Holidays

The Oregon Humane Society is asking the public to open their hearts to over 130 dogs, cats, small animals and two horses who are looking for a Home for the Holidays this December.

Some of these pets have been awaiting adoption for just a few days; others have been waiting for weeks. Every animal at the OHS shelter on December 1 is considered a "Home for the Holidays" pet and OHS wants to place each of these animals into a new home by December 31.

"What better way is there to celebrate the holidays than to adopt a pet who is most in need of a home?" said OHS President Sharon Harmon. "The love you'll feel from your new pet will be better than any present wrapped in a gift box."

As always, every animal offered for adoption at OHS remains available for as long as needed–there is never a time limit on an animal's stay. "Even though we work hard to make the shelter a loving environment, it's no substitute for the warmth and joy a family's home can provide," said Harmon.

During the month of December, the OHS lobby will showcase pictures of every the Home for the Holidays pets. The lobby will be decorated in its holiday best and the OHS Animal Giving Tree will be up for those wishing to leave a gift for shelter animals. OHS Wish List

For those animal lovers unable to adopt this holiday season, OHS suggests using the popular Sponsor a Pet. Visitors can select any one of the pets featured on the OHS website and make a donation in that pet's name. The sponsorship draws attention to the pet and helps pay for the care of all animals at the shelter.


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