Smartphone Used To Track Burglar

An iPhone tracking app helped lead to an arrest of a burglary suspect in Washington County Wednesday.

Deputies got a call about a burglary at a home on Northwest 107th Avenue near Lee Street Wednesday morning. A woman reported to police that her and her husband woke up in their bed to find a strange man sleeping on the floor of their bedroom. Washington County Deputy, Jeff Talbot, says the couple then escorted the man out while they called 911. 

After the man left, the couple realized their iPhones, iPad and wallets were missing. While talking with the victims, deputies learned they had tracking apps installed on their phones, which led deputies to the general location of where the phones were at. 

The app was then used to make a sound. Talbot says a deputy heard that sound and found the suspect, 64-year-old Ervin Solomon, sleeping underneath a porch of a home on Southwest Celeste Lane. 

All of the stolen items were recovered.

Solomon was arrested on burglary and theft charges, as well as a parole violation.


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