Warning About Phone Scam

Deputies are fielding several reports of the public receiving scam phone calls claiming to be from the Washington County Sheriff's Office and demanding money.

Over the weekend, dozens of members from the public reported receiving suspicious phone calls. During the calls, an unknown suspect who claims to be a Washington County Sheriff's Office sergeant tells the person they have a warrant and must pay cash or pre-paid "Green Dot" cards or they will be arrested.

Often times the caller is able to provide private information about the person answering the call, such as their date of birth and address. This may cause some people, particularly the elderly who might not know such information is readily accessible on the internet, to believe the call is credible.

Please remember, the Sheriff's Office does not accept any type of money or payment over the phone. Similar phone scams include someone impersonating a Sheriff's Office representative calling and claiming you've missed jury duty or a loved one need to be bailed out of jail.

Deputies ask the public to educate friends, family, and neighbors, particularly our elderly community members, about such phone scams. If a phone call seems suspicious, the public is encouraged to hang up and call the agency back on a known phone number to verify its authenticity.

Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office


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