Bodies Found In Forest Park

Photo: KATU

The Oregon State Medical examiner is planning an autopsy on two bodies that were found Wednesday near Pittock Mansion in Forest Park.

The identities of the bodies will determine whether they’re two people who were reported missing October 30. 15-year-old Annieka Vaughn and 23-year-old Zachary Peterson have been the subjects of a search, because Peterson was accused of sexually assaulting Vaughn.

Police said Peterson might be armed and suicidal.

Peterson’s white pickup was found near the park on Monday. Police searched the area, but didn’t find Vaughn or Peterson. 

A resident reported hearing voices, so another search was conducted, but it turned up empty.

Multnomah County Search and Rescue and Mountain Wave Search and Rescue looked for the two on Tuesday, but couldn’t find them.

On Wednesday morning, 45 minutes after their search started a dog found the bodies about a 80 feet off the intersection of the Wildwood and Upper Macleay trails.


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