Halloween Is Scary For Pets

Halloween can be a frightening and dangerous time for pets. These six tips from the Oregon Humane Society will help you keep your dogs and cats safe on the scariest night of the year.

1. Halloween candy is for people, not pets. Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs and cats; tin foil and cellophane candy wrappers can be hazardous if swallowed. Keep Halloween candy away from Fido and Fluffy.

2. Reduce pet stress by keeping dogs and cats in a closed room away from the front door of the house. The sights and sounds of party guests or trick-or-treaters can be stressful. Keeping your pets in a closed room also prevents them from escaping through an open door.

3. Don’t forget pet IDs. If for any reason your pet escapes, a collar and tag and/or ID microchip is essential for reuniting pets and owners.

4. Costumes are for humans: avoid dressing up your pets unless you know they love it. Costumes should not restrict an animal's movement or hearing, or obscure vision.

5. Cats, especially black ones, should be kept inside all night long due to poor visibility and increased automobile traffic.

6. Keep special decorations (such as fake cobwebs) high enough off the floor so your dog or cat won't eat them or get entangled in them. 


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