Traffic Stop Discovers Load Of Pot

A traffic stop on I-5 in Southern Oregon near Merlin lead the discovery of 201 pounds of marijuana.

An Oregon State Police trooper stopped a Ford Explorer for speeding. The trooper became suspicious of criminal conduct and searched the vehicle following a road side investigation. 

During the search, 201 pounds of packaged marijuana was discovered in the vehicle. 

The driver, 29-year-old Pandy Hout, was from Shakopee, Minnesota and 28-year-old Lor Meng was from Sacramento.

They flew into the Medford Airport from Denver, and rented the Ford Explorer. They then traveled to an unknown location in California and acquired the marijuana. It was believed they were transporting the marijuana to Minnesota. 

Hout and Meng are charged with:

  • Import/Export Marijuana (over sixteen pounds across state lines)- Class C Felony 
  • Possession of Marijuana (person over 21 years of age and over 8 pounds in public place) Class C Felony 
  • Unlawful Delivery of Marijuana (over sixteen pounds with intent to distribute) Class C Felony


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