Volunteers Needed To Build Pods For Homeless Vets

While Clackamas County is taking steps to respond to the needs of local homeless veterans by creating a temporary transitional shelter community in Clackamas, volunteers are needed to help build the community’s sleeping pods.

Tim Heider, with Clackamas County, says they're seeking volunteers to help build the first 15 sleeping pods. Construction is taking place on the county’s Red Soils Campus in Oregon City. No technical skills are necessary, and needed tools and equipment will be provided on-site.

Heider says construction of the pods will begin soon and are expected to be completed by the end of October. People who would like to volunteer can do so by registering through City Repair at cityrepair.org  The sign-up process provides the opportunity to choose available shifts and tasks.

This temporary community, proposed for a vacant industrial site owned by the county’s Development Agency in unincorporated Clackamas County, will offer veterans shelter, security, safety, skill-building opportunities and a chance to build confidence in a village setting. Residents will be supported with social, behavioral and physical health services, and will be involved in governing the community.

The community will contain up to 30 sleeping pods, along with community facilities for kitchens, showers and restrooms, and a community room. The sleeping pods will be weather-resistant, insulated, vented appropriately for all-season weather, and will comply with health and safety codes. It's expected to open sometime in December.  Learn more about the project at clackamas.us. 


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