Don’t Fall For Unpaid Court Fine Scam

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office has continued to receive calls from concerned members of the community regarding a phone scam being used to elicit money and confidential personal information.

Community members are receiving calls from an individual who identifies as a Multnomah County Sheriff's Office employee and indicates that the victim has a warrant, unpaid court fines, or has missed jury duty, and needs to pay immediately or be arrested. Victims are being asked to provide sensitive personal information and credit card numbers to resolve the warrant and/or pay the fines.

We are reminding our community members that MCSO does not conduct matters concerning warrant service or payment of fines via phone.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a member of MCSO who is requesting money over the phone, you can help us by getting as much information as possible;

* Time and date of the call;

* Contact number of the person calling;

* Name used by the person calling; and

* Listen for anything that stands out that may assist detectives.

Immediately after hanging up the phone, please call the police non-emergency line at (503) 823-3333 and ask to speak with a deputy sheriff to file a report.

Please help us spread this message: If you, or someone you know, is contacted by a person claiming to be a member of MCSO and asking for money;



* Contact (503) 823-3333 to be put in contact with a deputy sheriff to file a report.


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