Eagle Creek Fire Expands to 41,550 Acres

Interstate 84 opened to westbound traffic Thursday night. Crews have worked hard for more than a week to reinforce fire line, remove hazard trees, and address other public safety concerns. Fire line has been completed along I-84 from Bridal Veil to Cascade Locks. Drivers are reminded to obey posted speed limits, be aware of changing visibility and watch out for other hazards. All exits between Hood River and Troutdale will remain closed. Drivers are not to stop along the highway. 

Thursday, aircraft dropped nearly 100,000 gallons of water on the fire. Friday, resources will be focused on the northeast corner of the fire to help protect the communities, infrastructure, and other values at risk there as burnout operations continue from Cascade Locks east to Mitchell Point. If conditions permit, helicopters may be used to assist with burnout operations west of Wyeth to bring fire down to the powerline corridor in a controlled manner. Crews will also be reinforcing line from Mitchell Point south to Wahtum Lake. 

On the west side, fire is most active in the Bell Creek area. Crews will be constructing direct hand line and bucket drops may be used to cool hot spots in that area. Indirect dozer line will be connected to the powerline corridor near Larch Mountain to form a continuous line to the south. 

Oregon State Fire Marshal crews will continue to patrol residences near the eastern edge of the fire. Two additional task forces have arrived to support the structural assessment and preparation work being performed in Hood River. 

Command of the Archer Mountain Fire transferred to the Eagle Creek Unified Command at 0600 this morning. The Archer Mountain Fire is 100 percent contained. Crews will continue to mop-up and patrol. 

Weather is expected to remain cooler with light winds. Friday evening and Saturday may bring lower relative humidity and a shift to light northeast winds. Significant precipitation is still forecast for early next week. 


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