Election Investigators Get Oregon Voter Database

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Photo: KATU

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office says a person working for the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity complied with Oregon’s statutory requirements by requesting a copy of a statewide voter list including paying the $500 fee. Oregon law requires disclosure of the list, which occurred Friday. However, the Secretary of State, once again, declined to disclose any information that violates Oregon law.

Oregon Revised Statutes 247.945(4) mandates: “Upon request, the Secretary of State shall deliver to any person a statewide list of electors. The secretary shall charge a fee of $500 for delivering a list under this subsection.” Under ORS 247.955, requesters must certify that they will not use any information from this list for commercial purposes.

Information that was not disclosed pursuant to the policy announced on July 27, 2017 includes: voter's social security number, driver's license number, signature, disability information, phone number, birth day/month, how a person voted in any election, certain information about public safety officers, participants in the Address Confidentiality Program (for victims of domestic violence and other crimes), persons who demonstrate that their personal safety is in danger and receive an exemption from their county clerk, and 16 or 17-year-olds who preregister to vote but will not reach age 18 by the date of the next election. The following information is available to all requesting persons who pay the $500 fee and agree not to use the information for commercial purposes: full name, address, effective registration date and status, birth year, political party affiliation, voter participation history (elections voted in, not who the elector voted for), precinct name, precinct split, and associated Election Division number.    

Source: Oregon Secretary of State


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