Gorge Fires Burn Over 32,000 Acres

Wildfires in the Columbia River Gorge have burned more than 32,000 acres.

The Eagle Creek Fire, which started Saturday, merged with the Indian Creek Fire, which has been burning since July.

The 32,000 acre estimate is a combination of both fires and the Eagle Creek Fire remained about the same size on Tuesday.

602 firefighters are working to contain the Eagle Creek Fire which is currently at zero-percent containment.

One home in the Warrendale/Dodson area has been destroyed. 

Evacuation levels remain the same as Tuesday.

Lieutenant Damon Simmons, with the Portland Fire Bureau and the Oregon Fire Marshal's Office, says he drove I-84 through the Gorge and says, "The Gorge still looks like the Gorge.

Simmons says there is damage and there are dangerous trees that need to be taken down, but for people driving through the Gorge and tourists who visit the area they will still see plenty of forests.

Multnomah Falls Lodge has been saved.

The wood supports inside of the Oneonta Tunnel have burned and will have to be repaired before the trail can reopen.

Oregon State Police are investigating the cause of the fire. A 15-year-old boy from Vancouver is the primary suspect. He and his parents have been cooperating with investigators. Witnesses say that he and other boys were throwing fireworks into the Eagle Creek canyon when the fire started. OSP Lieutenant Bill Fugate says no charges have been filed. When the investigation is complete, the details will be turned over to the Hood River or Multnomah County District Attorney to determine whether charges will be filed. Whether the parents will be held liable is a decision for the District Attorney.


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