Bizarre Mystery Creature Found on Australian Beach

The puzzling remains of an unidentified sea creature were discovered on  the shore of an Australian beach over the weekend by a woman walking her  dog.

Sherry Simmons initially thought that the revolting blob was merely a  big piece of driftwood until she and her bulldog Tank got closer and  realized that it was a carcass.

Despite feeling uneasy about the weird sight in front of her, Simmons  decided to poke the oddity with a stick and reported that it was "soft  to the touch."

She also, thankfully, snapped a few pictures of the baffling remains  which seem to show no discernible features other than perhaps a small  fin.

Get a better look at the creature and find out more about this weird story, including what officials have had to say about the oddity, at the Coast to Coast AM website.