Watch: Odd 'Lake Monster' Filmed in Albania

A puzzling piece of footage from Albania seems shows some kind of  creature emerging from a lake that just so happens to have a history of  'monster' sightings.

The strange video, filmed at the Great Prespa Lake, begins with an  initial glance of the oddity and then takes something of a frantic turn  as the person behind the camera, admirably, runs towards the water to  get a better look at it.

When the picture stabilizes, one can see what looks like the head and  neck of a creature poking out of the water with a pose that bears an  uncanny resemblance to the iconic 'Sturgeon's photo' of Nessie.

The anomaly then slowly submerges out of sight, leaving observers to  scratch their heads and wonder what exactly it may have been.

Check out the footage and find out more about this odd story at the Coast to Coast AM website.