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Michael Castner


Gordon Chang on Chinese Pol. Infighting-

..and their economic crisis
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VIDEO: Woman Goes Off On Family on Welfare in Wal-Mart

Is loudly shaming folks on public assistance really a good way to cure the ills of society?
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NSFW- Literally an Adult Toy

um.. I guess if you are short on gadget gift ideas
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Did Prince Know The End Was Near?

I spoke w/ his first manager
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That time I Did Some Work For Prince

RIP Prince
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It's Just Oregon, No Big Deal

So Please Don't Come
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God is a Boob Man - SNL

another great skit
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Heroin AM - SNL

funniest skit of the weekend
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Why so Many Anti-LGBT Bills Now?

Wonder no more
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Softball sized Hail Trashes Texas Town

Insane video
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